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From $0 To $100,000: A No B.S. Investing Guide (eBook Only)

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Build Your First $100,000 Net Worth (The Easy Way)

Learn about no-rules budgeting, the stock market (broken down in simple terms), important investment accounts you'll need, and the simple steps you can take to build a multi-million dollar portfolio. The first $100,000 is the hardest...but once you understand the steps, scaling becomes easy! You'll learn the following:

  • How to create a budget that isn't restrictive
  • Important investment vehicles that are overlooked
  • How to get rich with one fund
  • How to prioritize spending, saving, paying off debt, and investing
  • Accounts that I use to build my wealth
  • An overview of Alternative assets like real estate and crypto
  • Why financial advisors are a terrible investment for most people


  • People who are serious about building generational wealth
  • Someone who's brand new to the world of investing and feels like they're in an information overload
  • Someone that wants to grow their knowledge of personal finance exponentially


  • A 47-page quick guide on how to build your portfolio for long-term success to maximize your wealth
  • My personal strategy (and backstory) of how I build my own portfolio
  • A list of top recommendations/resources/accounts that I use to build and manage my money
  • Lifetime access to future updates and content

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Lauren is a sales professional employed at a Fortune 500 tech company in sales. She decided to get serious about managing money and building wealth when she graduated from college and didn't know the first thing about managing money.

Like many, she called a financial advisor for help and realized quickly that they charge insane fees. What is more, she realized she could make higher returns by firing the financial advisor and managing her portfolio at home.

After realizing that she was being taken advantage of, she started writing online about personal finance in 2021, in hopes that others would gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding their finances.

My promise to you: If you take action (meaning you start tracking expenses and build your portfolio as outlined in this book)-there is NO reason that you cannot build your first $100,000 portfolio (as a starting point). The only applicable reason for taking this advice (and failing) is if we have a zombie apocalypse/take over...I'd say that's pretty unlikely!

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A 47-page eBook on Investing

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From $0 To $100,000: A No B.S. Investing Guide (eBook Only)

0 ratings
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